Miracle Semple Garment Dyeing Machines

The GD-SM series Sample Dyeing Machines are designed to perform for checking the correctness and accuracy of the processes before starting the bulk production. Even same features of Smartex Miracle bulk production machines such as PolyRib ECO Drum, Spin Dye Jet Spraying System, and HIGH SPEED EXTRACTION come along with the machine as standard. These supreme features provide you a perfect matching of samples and prevent loosing of time and huge losses in terms of pieces. Again with the help of Spin Dye and PolyRib ECO Drum, all undesired crises and abrasions are eliminated even though with lowest liquor ratios of 1:2 or 1:3 in dyeing.

Our 4 kg mini sample machine has designed to start first 1 or 2 pieces of samples in order to prepare the recipe. Same recipe can be transferred into our 30 kg midi sample dyeing machine for achieving the real samples before starting bulk production.

Comparing to conventional sample dyeing machines, up to 70 % saving from water, chemicals, heating energy and waste water is possible. PLC controlled SC 400 control system is working compatible with auto dosing, chemical kitchen for progressive dosing, indirect heating, powder dissolving, continuous level measurement, tank cleaning, bath recirculation etc and external heat exchanger for accurate ramp controlled heating and cooling.

All capacities are capable of exerting 400 G force without any vibration with the help of Smart Balancing System (Patented). Extraction at 400 G saves about 20 % in energy spent on. Again independent of the load distribution within the drum, stable balancing is achieved by Smart Balancing System, thereby almost eliminating the need for restarts. All mechanical parts of the machine are not subject to the fatigue caused by vibration.

Comparing with the conventional sampling machines, SMARTEX Miracle pays back its investment within 8 to 10 months according to installed region conditions. Meet with 21st century’s technologies.

Standard Features

·       Totally vibration free 400 G force spinning power

·       Direct steam and Indirect steam heating system through external heat exchanger

·       Ramp controlled heating and cooling (Cool Down)

·       PLC Controlled SC 400 Electronic Control System

·       Pneumatic forward tilting system for easy unloading (N/A for Miracle 60)

·       Stainless steel front cover plate and 316 L quality stainless steel for parts coming into contact with chemicals

·       Operating temperature up to 99 C

·       Heat insulated outer drum

·       2 water inlet control (Hot, cold)

·       Special separated leak proof bearing system

·       Viton seals around shaft with spares

·       Water sampling tab

·       2 water, 1 steam valve and connection hoses

Optional Features

. PH Control System

· SCADA (System Controls and Data Acquisition) and Network application

· Automatic door

<p margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"="" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 10px 0px 0px;">· Automatically controlled grease lubricator for bearings

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