Mensa Semple Garment Dyeing Machines

. Microprocessor controlled 50 reprogrammable recipe (100 steps each)

. External Heat Exchanger

. Stainless steel outer cabinet

. ST-37 Quality Balance Weight System

. Stainless steel cylinder shaft

. New viton seals ( Durable and resistant to higher, washing temperatures and chemicals )

. New plastic bumper

. Single motor and inverter drive system

. Anti balance switch

. Pneumatic water inlet

. Pneumatic drain

. Alarm

According to user necessities, machines can be modified as 3 or 5 mm inner drum, single pocket or detachable 3 Y divided drum (for models 300 liters or above), different combinations of chemical tanks, with or without sample door, electro polished inner drum surface for delicates and seamless etc… All parts coming into contact with water are made of 316 L quality stainless steel and rest of the machines is made of 304 L quality stainless steel.

<p margin-left:-14.2pt;text-align:justify"="" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 10px 0px 0px;">All sample dyeing machines can be offered with high speed extraction option those provide better dyeing fixation and prevent any damages during unloading or handling. Free standing structure equipped with springs and shock absorbers serves to its users without any mechanical problems caused by vibration.