Hydra Semple Washer Extractors


The Miracle-SM series Sample Washing Machines are designed to perform for checking the correctness and accuracy of the processes before starting the bulk production. Even same features of Smartex Miracle bulk production machines such as PolyRib ECO Drum,  SC 400 PLC controlled system, come along with the machine as standard. These supreme features provide you a perfect matching of samples and prevent loosing of time and huge losses in terms of pieces. Again with the help of PolyRib ECO Drum, all undesired crises and abrasions are eliminated even though with lowest liquor ratios of 1:2 in washing. Comparing to conventional sample dyeing machines, 50 % saving from water, chemicals, heating energy and waste water is possible.

Tolkar Sample Washing Machines are also designed to achieve accurate washing of samples in order to match with bulk production by carrying the same recipe without any correction. Microprocessor controlled system includes 50 reprogrammable recipes each with 99 steps.

All models are available with high speed extraction option to obtain better fixation and to prevent any damages which may happen during unloading or handling. Free standing structure with springs and shock absorbers ensures better distribution and perfect extraction with minimized vibration levels