Virgo Linen Folders


Virgo Linen Folding Machine 


The last step in finishing process is consistent folding of ironed or tumble dried items with automatic selection of correct folds for sheets, tableclothes, blankets, pillowcases and napkins. Tolkar Virgo Folders are desinged to perform according to the needs of accurate, crisp and fast folding of your laundry. Robust and heavy duty structure along with wide range of features, Virgo linen folders maximize your efficiency. 

Standard Features 

• Single lane 2 lengthwise, 3 cross folds 

• Automatic stacker and conveyor system 

• Variable and adjustable folding speed, compatible with ironer speed 

• Digital counter 

• Photocells aided measurement 

• Testable photocells in test mode 

• Automatic sensation of laundry dimensions 

• Automatic folding feature from 40 x 40 cm up to 304 x 350 cm 

• Reversing feature with alarm in case of stuck in 

• Air pressure regulators and automatic air discharge 

• Adjustable and variable height of inlet conveyor for all type of ironers 

• Max 1800 pcs/hr folding capacity for single type bed sheets 

• PLC controlled touch screen control panel with 15 programmes